The Skater Dress

The skater dress is an essential item for every fall wardrobe. Plus, who wouldn’t love twirling around in one of these babies? They come in many shapes and colors and can be dressed up or down. In the winter, wear with tights and booties or heels, and for you ladies in warmer climates, you can throw on some cute flats and sunnies like I did in Miami.

Dress: ASOS (also love this one), Shoes: Schutz (similar look by Sam Edelman that I LOVE), Sunglasses: Prada, Bag, Chanel, Spike Bracelets: ASOS, Skull Bracelet: ASOS

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7 Responses to The Skater Dress

  1. Chelsea says:

    Prada Baroques look fab on you!! As always looking gorgeous!

  2. Joe says:

    You are super sexy. Wish there was a photo without the shades!

  3. Rachel says:

    Love this!!

  4. Angela says:

    Hi Liz- I am literally obsessed with the lip colors/gloss/lipsticks? you wear and can’t find out what the brand/name of them are. What do you normally wear like what brand and color do you have on in this picture? Please let me know so I can buy it!

  5. Tripp Potts says:

    I live in your building! cool glasses.

  6. Ok now I’ve found what will substitute my leather adizero 1.5…those look much better than the new adizero….although the color scheme strongly reminds the tiempo elite (which I love) dgdkjfdjhekrsdd

  7. The first one is pretty alright. They’ll look better on foot.sdfklrhgelrqaa

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